Kool Japan

The many nuances unique to the Japanese market make it an intimidating proposition for an outside company. Red 14 was asked to look at an existing dance club promotion being run for the KOOL brand in Tokyo: Dimension K.

Despite its cost, Dimension K had achieved limited recall with consumers, and no perceptible brand benefit.

In the face of considerable local skepticism, Red 14 radically redesigned the promotion. Making use of the OO element of the KOOL brand, we created fully themed events such as MOON, LAGOON, ZOOM.

Using the ideal spaces of Tokyo’s first and only superclub Ageha, we converted the entire venue in a day. For MOON for example, ‘astronaut’ performers descended from the ceiling above the dance floor. For 2300AD, we created a DJ Droid, and remote-controlled vending machine. TYPHOON included a lightening strike performer, and a three meter wide rotating OO turbine logo.

Whatever the theme, all events featured unique custom-made branding devices. And the venue was transformed into a KOOL themed world. The consumers were astounded.

After the first 4 events, the brand was already benefitting, and in its second year the 5 major cities outside Tokyo joined the programme.

The brand has never looked back. How kool is that?