Golden Tones Music

In 1992, Red 14 was challenged to reinvigorate a fading brand in Nigeria, one of the world’s most testing operating environments. Mainstream media had limited effect at the time, and we developed Golden Tones, a live music roadshow which toured Nigeria’s largest cities.

Despite the operational difficulties, the events rapidly gained a reputation as the best experience of their kind, and the brand benefitted rapidly in awareness and share. Within three years, audiences had grown from three to twenty thousand, and we were running the events in football stadia.

After five years, the events were attracting 80,000. And were televised live across Nigeria: With the multi camera edits used on Pan African satellite music TV and shared with the entire region.

The brand had been completely reinvigorated, share was revolutionised, and it remains a major success to this day.

Golden Tones was so effective in Nigeria, that we were asked to roll it out to other brand markets, including Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Myanmar, Caribbean region, Kenya and Uganda.

Success was delivered consistently in all markets, through a unique collaboration: Our small, expert team from the UK, working closely with locals, all totally enthused by this unique chance to participate in a world-class event. It was a genuine privilege for us to be involved with such incredible talent.

Red 14 has never had a more golden opportunity to demonstrate how the odds can be overcome, in the best of ways.